Ha, I haven’t updated for so long that WordPress has gotten a new format! Oh, dear. I can only laugh in consternation.

So. This summer’s been terribly busy – in a good way. Now it’s tennis preseason – the first week has just ended, and it’s gotten me simultaneously exhausted and revved up for tomorrow, when we play a scrimmage against 3 other very good teams.

Let’s just say that for tennis, every morning we run for at least two miles (Tuesday was 5+, for example), and I’m not a runner. I’ve never been a runner, but as I get into it and get past the dislike of running and the strain of your aching muscles, I’ve come to appreciate the rhythm, the sense of focus you get. Today we did cardio for 20 minutes around the track, and I felt calm all the way, knowing I did a longer run on Tuesday in town and it was over unsmooth surfaces, and today was smooth and with the satisfaction of knowing I could do it. It was ineffable. Usually I don’t get a rush from physical exercise, I guess. Tennis is more of a competitive thing – 90% mental, 10% physical, they say. But running is physical, at least for me, at least for starters. So it’s good, this getting slightly used to it.

Haven’t been writing poetry as much – maybe three or four this entire summer. But I know I’ll feel the inspiration, when it comes, and just seize the moment then. It’ll be fine. (Can you tell I’ve gotten more relaxed?)

Songs I’m listening to:

Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.) by Katy Perry – because it’s Friday!!!!
Simple Things by Amy Kuney – b/c it’s the song from Michelle Phan’s most recent video (lotion masks?) and it’s a great song to calm down to. That, and Keep Breathing by Ingrid Michaelson.
Gold Guns Girls by Metric – it was stuck in my head – the line “Is it ever gonna be enough?” Great song.
Once Upon A… by j meridian. It sounds folksy. It’s a boy-girl duet, talking about damsels in distress/heroes, etc.

Peace out!