Pollen, itchiness, redness, swollenness, CON-GES-TION. All things that this weather brings. I don’t need to mention how much I dislike this weather, it’s quite schizophrenic, the first hour moderate and a little cool, gets you thinking you could wear spring clothes, then drizzling as you get off the bus, trying to walk sedately, dodging the raindrops. Every day, it’s the same glum day – save for the two noon hours of glorious and spurious sunshine.

Three years ago I didn’t have allergies. Everyone’s saying this year, the allergies are the worst.

Oh, and

Rapture, today! I went to church last Sunday, the first in a long time: not because of “Rapture”, but because I was in the dumps and sought enlightenment. I liked it. I would have liked a little more involvement, but the Christian band was  inspiring, and I loved the literary analysis (not quite literary, but quite analytical) about Nehemiah, and his being a great leader.


thin man, thin woman
sleeveless, calm, two eastern winds
tidy as textiles.

note: poetry is time-stamped.

on this picture: i wanna live here. travel. middlewest, breadbasket.