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I love a huge stack of paper and writing utensils. I love them. You could become a writer by just loving white paper and a pen or a pencil…

clean, clean feeling.

I’m finally editing my NaNoWriMo work from last (2010) year. It’s been too long. I’ve only rewritten – as in, put in a new character already, driven the entire story – ENTIRE. STORY – off the tracks – and it’s only been 1,000 words.

I’ve realized that excerpt about the woman and the childhood swings I posted weeks earlier wasn’t that good. I distanced myself and read it. I’ll have to edit it, but whatever. The Caldry/Malcolm story first. Yes, yes.

Also, a sure sign I am the victim of an extravagant obsession with vocabulary. I go to Thesaurus.com all the time for my writing/editing, and I went today and I saw this little blurb that said: Use smarter words: What’s a four-syllable synonym for small? and it had the link fro the four-letter word and before I clicked it and it loaded I thought in my head: small…pecunious (which isn’t even a word), diminutive…and it turned out to be ‘diminutive.’

And then the same thing happened when it said “Think of a four-syllable word for ‘happy.'” I thought of halcyon, joyful, jocund, jocular (none of these are four-syllable-d), and then convivial (randomly, I don’t even really know what it means) and then ecstatic. And it turned out to be convivial.

Things just keep on happening.