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I admit: I feel accomplished but tired. Funny how changing up the order of words – syntax or semantics? the latter, I think – can change the meaning. Sometimes subtly, sometimes majorly. Like that sentence. I could have said “I feel tired but accomplished,” signifying a content peace of mind, but I switched the order around. The sentence “I feel accomplished but tired” illustrates working hard, but having less satisfaction. Perhaps the speaker worked too hard. I did. Sigh.

The writing itself, again, was easy and came to me without too much of my exertion, but I procrastinated too much throughout the day – on a history quarterly. I didn’t even get 1/5 done, I think. -_-‘

I know. Don’t think like that – in so technical terms. But still. I thought I’d overcome my habit of procrastination, but like a spectre, it’s coming back to haunt me. But hopefully it’s a ghost that will liquidate, vaporize, desolidify, etiolate…make his unwelcome stay short.