No, it’s not about NaNoWriMo. Some of it’s about a Taylor Swift song. She just had a new album, Speak Now, of which there are 14 tracks. All songs were written and composed by her exclusively, which I admire.

I admit, when T. Swift first came out as a new famous music star, I was doubtful. I thought she was a pretty face with a passable voice and wrote about things that most other teenage music stars sing about. But.

I guess you really have to go through situations yourself before things begin to click. Last year, sophomore year, I found that I could really relate to some of her songs. Namely, Invisible, and Fifteen, which describes a girl in her first year of high school. I definitely connected with the lyrics describing that at fifteen, you got “nothing figured out,” and later you’d realize all your mistakes. But at fifteen, she sang, “This is life before you know who you’re gonna be,” and it was reassuring in that there was still time, and there was no problem in not knowing what you wanted to do.

Now, a year later, I have a better inkling, even if an inkling. I want to major in English. At the end of last year, I listed Chemistry 2 AP as a course I’d take this year because it was the logical course to take after Chemistry. But now, a full marking period into it, I really enjoy it. It’s a challening course, and despite my misgivings and that I’m not really a “science person,” I really enjoy it. I sort of wish there were a Chem 3 next year… Haha. Oh well. Maybe I’ll swallow my words at the end of this year, but right now I’m very glad I took this course. Enough so that I might pursue a career in Chemistry when I’m older.

But anyway. English is a must. Talents have come and passed – piano and violin in my middle school years, art from when I was very young, and although I began seriously writing and seriously writing creatively in the past two or three years, I think writing is what comes most naturally, most deeply, to me.

All right. In a few hours I’ll knock 1,667 more words. I have no idea where this story is going…oh well. But a few things are certain: I’ll keep my wordcount for NaNo on track, or in front of track, if it kills me. Not that drastic, but the gist is there. Oh, and I’ll keep posting about T. Swift songs. I’m a little obsessed.