5,262 words so far  

Day Three and so far I’m going strong. :D!

Malcolm overheard Belle bragging about having put a tack in Caldry’s bag as “revenge” for Caldry kicking Belle’s hand accidentally. A lot of things then happen. Then Belle tries to bring attention to Caldry’s hand to the class to frame Caldry as a person who tries to make attention for herself.

Malcolm then tells Caldry about the morning episode.

This is all so scattered, yet not… Compared to last year’s novel, it’s in a straight, straight line! There’re only two viewpoints (so far), Malcolm’s and Caldry’s. This tone is set slightly to the City of Ember while the setting is a little akin to the Little House on the Prairie books… I think I repeated myself.

I need to outline better. But between a Physics quarterly tomorrow and math homework, history notes and more history notes, even making the 1667-word mark for each day is unspeakably stellar.