1,682 words so far  
I’m so excited! And tired, because today was a long, long day. I outlined the very barest bones of my new novel last night, because I knew I had to. Last year, I completed forgoed any outlining or brainstorming and sat in my hard compuetr chair on November 1st, for inspiration, but I wanted this year to be better planned, albeit only a little.
Here is what I know so far:
My novel is going to be set in the backdrop-likeness of the Little House of the Prairie books. Since I just finished the first three Books of Ember, by Jeanne DuPrau, my tone so far is quite story-like, in third-person. Narrative-y, sort of general. I want to delve into deeper feelings later on, though, a little more like my own writing style.
Other things I know:
There is going to be romance (of course. Why not? A romance in the last century or two is, well, romantic).
Something that started as an accident will spark into a huge rivalry between the protagonist and her soon-to-be-archnemesis.
Somehow the boy will hate the archnemesis’s sibling, and will do something bad to them. The protagonist will think she caused this mess, and band with the boy in trying to figure it out/fix what they have wrought.
The mess will burgeon, flooding the town.
Oh, well. It all sounds very general so far. But I’m glad I have this, if paltry, outline. It gives me something to fill in.