It’s 3 hours and 55 minutes until midnight when I’m posting this: the exact time that NaNoWriMo is starting for the Eastern Coast in America.

For those who don’t know, NaNoWriMo is a “seat-of-your-pants” attempt to create a 50,000 word “novel” in the month of November. You can’t start until after midnight, October 31 (Halloween! which is today, in fact), and you can’t write past midnight, November 30th. It’s a lot of rush and craziness and caffeine (except for me; I don’t drink coffee). But a lot of stress, definitely. Why should you do it? To write a novel. You’ve always wanted to write one, and here’s your chance, along with, at least for last year, more than 167,000 people around the globe participated.

For me, I’ve just studied Chem for three hours, and, before that, finished up odds and ends of the other homework I’ve missed since I’ve been at tennis districts and states (going to post about those later).

I just hope I manage to reach the 50,000 word deadline this month. Last month was quite a struggle, since I was behind 20,000 words in the last 5 or so days. I was averaging 10,000 words for a couple of days, ending up finishing early at 51,000 on November 28th or 29th. So it was a struggle towards the end (my family went to Disney World, in Florida, after all!), but I managed to pull it out without too much blood and gore.

This year, I’m scared it might be different, but with tennis done, a good side to its ending is that I have more time in general for schoolwork, leisure time, and – scratch that; what leisure time? oh. Writing time, yes. So yeah. Hopefully I have more time. I have no idea what I’m going to write about, but I recently read Everything Beautiful in the World as a story of a conflicted teenage girl whose mother’s sickness propels her to start a dangerous yet heady romance with her art teacher, Mr. Howland. (That was a nice summary :))

The tone is beautiful and exquisitely crafted. The author, Lisa Levchuk, says a lot with a few words. Although this is antithetical to the hurricane-like-speed to churn out 50,000 words in the month of November, I want to achieve this eloquence. I’ve wanted to achieve it for a long time. Last year, I wrote about two societies – one rich, one poor, and how a poor girl and a rich boy managed to band together despite difference and create a revolution to upturn the social stratification. It was decent, I think, for a first draft, but still, it has lots of rambling and excessive verbiage I want to avoid in this one…

Too bad there’s not a lot of time.


See how it goes tomorrow. 1,667 words, here I come!!