School is definitely getting progressively – or exponentially – busier. Tests, quizzes, homework: school in general. Amidst school, tennis, and sleep, I’m still trying to find the time to write.

I vowed yesterday, Tuesday, that I’d start today (Wednesday) writing one poem a day, and all throughout the month of October, which will be a new start. September has been awfully… Septemberish. Quite discomfitting, to tell you the truth. Getting used to school and less days with free time. Inclimate weather these days but hot days last week. Just discomfitting on the whole.

I’m glad it will be October in two days for many reaons:

-just a new start.

I probably just repeated myself with that list, but I’m truly looking forward to the future. Out with the old, in with the new. Lucy Maud Montgomery said it best: “Tomorrow is fresh, with no mistakes in it.”


A picture about words (which I LOVE):

words cant describe

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