I’m at Columbia!!

It’s been wonderful so far, and I have a feeling it’s going to be a wonderful three weeks. I’m already feeling homesick. I went to the Check-in, which was in the morning, and my family and I traversed around New York’s streets around Columbia, and Central Park (they say Morningside Park is a rather sketchy place; shall abstain from there in future).

It was/is wonderful, really. I haven’t started classes yet, as they begin tomorrow (Creative Writing, here I come!!) at 10:00. Then there’s a break, then in the afternoon classes start up again. There are four hours of Creative Writing total. (I was actually hoping for a whole day’s worth of writing, but actually I am glad that this schedule is calling out my (nonexistent) social side. So that’s going to be cultivated).

My suite is awesome, as they’re all wonderful (using this word a lot) people. I really cannot wait for tomorrow. I must rise at 6:45 in the AM, but oh well, it’s sure worth it.