this post got deleted but i think it’s all the more succinct and pithy now so i’ll just twirl:

This is how I used to write poems.

1. Take another poem.
2. Switch choice words around. For example, ‘chocolates’ becomes ‘chrysanthemums.’
3. Change the author to my name, under the title, which I have changed.
4. Feel innocently accomplished.

I don’t have any of those “poems” anymore; they must have been inevitably thrown away when I was cleaning my closets.

Now, I write poems, but they are of my own. Not original, because nothing is ever original. Now, I write in science class, in my home, with my friends. I write whenever somebody says something striking. If I look particularly inspired after something you have said, you might want to search for your quote in my poems. If you let your mind go, you will write, even if it is banal, overused; even if it seems nonsensical. e.e. cummings’ poems, at first glance, seem quite nonsensical – without punctuation, with fluctuating stanzas. With obscure words. “mud-luscious and puddle-wonderful”, he described the world. Very. But a poem is more than a sum of its parts, so when you feel the poem has touched you, it may not be quite the stanzas, or the lines, or some specific letter or word placed in an appropriate spot, it may be the whole after-glow. Quite wonderful, really.

sometimes your thoughts cannot be corralled into finite niches. sometimes they expand across the universe.

the book that i am reading and it is splendiferously wonderful, and i want to be just like Rose, the eight- or nine- year old: Caddy Ever After

the music i listened to five minutes ago that many like and many dislike but is quite catchy nonetheless and stays in your head: Today Was a Fairytale, by taylor swift, and The Best Day.

today was…that.