March 7, 2010 by Parker Fitzgerald.

.from Parker Fitzgerald (again).

I really love this picture.

Yukk. I stayed home all day working on a science debate. The topic is Pro-Pesticides; don’t wince. I’ve actually (and surprisingly) learned many things about pesticides I hadn’t known before.

For example, did you know that DDT (a pesticide) saved 25 millions of lives from malaria – which was what it was used to combat against – before it got banned? Yes, DDT has immediate negative connotations – “It almost killed our national mascot!” – but think of how many lives are indebted to its use.

A lot on pesticides is about compromise. Would you rather risk soil quality, water quality, and some health effects (not entirely proven), or produce crops, enhance trade, and combat diseases and pests?

If it sounds like an easy decision, it isn’t.